A new Weekend sculling group has formed and it is open to anyone who wants to go out at set times in a group structure.  The aim of this group is to put in mileage on the water in singles with intermittent coaching with the added safety of going out together. There is a basic requirement for sculling competency: scullers must be able to get to the Pink House and back ‘comfortably’ in a single.

The focus is on singles and doubles but quads can be an option depending on water conditions or experience of the crews. Doubles/quads must have a competent steers person.

There are 2 ‘roll up’ outings both Saturday and Sunday each weekend. As it is getting lighter in the mornings the outings will revert to 7am OTW before 7:15 and 9:30 to 9:40 OTW for the second outing. Both usually go to Pink House or Richmond Lock depending on the day/water and conditions/weather.

This is group is being led by Jane Fricker, please contact her if you want to join.  She can be reached on jane@maabc.com