MAABC was out in force for the Vet Fours head and entered 7 crews and we came away with 2 Pennants!

The course had to be shortened due to strong winds and rain, so the finished was moved to just upstream of Hammersmith Bridge.

Beks Edgar, Caris Marsh and Lorna Brown joined by Helen from Thames RC, who had all raced the day before,  won the WA/B 4- pennant!

The WC 4x crew,  Lisa Kallal, Pippa Ford, Christina Greenhalgh and Laura Campbell won the pennant for their category – well done!

The WB 4x had a last minute substitution, thank you Gabriella!

Our Vet Men raced in G4x and had hoped to win this pennant for the third year in a row, but not to be this year, they finished in a very respectable 3rd place.

The WE4x ladies had a great race, had it not been for one of those red bouys then they might have an even better day, next year ladies!

The WIM3 4x raced well and put up a good fight.

The WNov4x+ also had a last minute sub, this didn’t face them, they raced well and came in second place in their category.

A very good day for all crews and for the club.  A lot of crew changes were needed in the run up to the race and on race day.  As a club we got subs in where needed which meant we didn’t have to scratch any crews and all crews rowed in the categories they had entered.

Well done coaches and athletes for great results – lets keep them coming!

CategoryCrewplace in Cat.No in Catoverall placetime
WA/B 4-Beks Edgar 

Helen (Thames RC)

Caris Marsh

Lorna Cardwell

133712.34.38Pennant Winner!
WC 4xLisa Kallal

Pippa Ford

Christina Greenhalgh

Laura Campbell

154312.38.79Pennant Winner!
WB 4xCat Hart

Gabriella Tose

Kat Rolfsman

Anna Ramsden

G 4xColin Cracknell

Keith Mahony

Peter Harvey

Peter Hoile

WE 4xGiselle Mahony

Alice Poole

Nicki Dale

Louise Pattison

WIM3 4xJacqueline Zivkovic

Nicola Eager

Sam Southwick

Sheila Connolly

WMNv 4x+Pam Delvalle (cox)

Kia Benjamin

Kat Bruce

Jo Brown

Ana Johnson