Tide Tables

As its name suggests, the Tideway is a tidal stretch of water. High and low tide times vary from day to day, and you should check tide times when planning your outings.

Mike Asher has kindly prepared 2024 tide tables which indicate the predicted times of high and low tides at Mortlake:

Please be aware that high and low tide will be slightly earlier/later at different points on the river, so please be very careful if boating around the turn of the tide, and be aware that other river users may think that the tide has not yet turned and be in an unexpected part of the river!

As a general rule, if you are new to rowing on the Tideway, try to avoid going out when the tide is on the turn. All members should also take special care when spring (extra high or extra low) tides are predicted.

Today’s tide times at Kew Bridge are always displayed in the right-hand side bar, so you can quickly check the tides for your outing from the homepage.

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