MAABC had yet another successful year at the Pairs Head, winning three pennants, one of which we share with our neighbours QBC.

We had strong performances from many sections of the club.

Beks Edgar and Caris Marsh were the fastest womens double from the club and finished 2nd in their category.  Annabel Headley and Emily Walters finished 3rd  in their category of 21,  followed by Lora Garrod and Dani Charles who finished 6th in the same category.

The three wins came from the Masters,  Anna Ramsden & Katarina Rolfsman won the WMasB 2x pennant, Caroline Bell-Syer & Laura Campell won the WMasD2x pennant and Eva Bishop & Tom Bishop from QBC won the Mx.MasD.2x pennant.

Further strong performances was seen by Joy Skipper and Lisa Kallal in WMasC2x, Jo Gapper and Christina Greenhalgh also in WMasC2x, Louise Pattinson and Alice Poole in W.MasE/F.2x and Colin Cracknell and Peter Harvey in MasG/H.2x.


CrewClassTimePosn. In classnr in class
Eva Bishop and Tom Bishop (QBC)Mx.MasD.2x 15:17.716
Beks Edgar and Caris MarshW.SEN.2x15:27.023
Emily Walters and Annabel HeadleyW.IM2.2x15:35.1321
Anna Ramsden and Katarina RolfsmanW.MasB.2x15:47.117
Lora Garrod and Dani CharlesW.IM2.2x15:53.6621
Joy Skipper and Lisa KallalW.MasC.2x16:04.7310
Jo Gapper and Christina GreenhalghW.MasC.2x16:23.2610
Laura Campbell and Caroline Bell-SyerW.MasD.2x16:32.918
Colin Cracknell and Peter HarveyMasG/H.2x16:42.846
Louise Pattison and Alice PooleW.MasE/F.2x17:27.536