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The Senior Women’s squad provides a supportive and encouraging environment for women seeking to train regularly and compete at the highest level. The main focus is developing athletes to compete at Henley Women’s Regatta, Henley Royal Regatta, and beyond into national talent pathways for those who excel at club level. Mortlake has consistent representation at all major races in the British Rowing calendar from Sculler’s / Pair’s Head through to Henley as well as smaller domestic regattas and heads along the way. Notable recent results include:

  • finishing 43rd overall at WEHORR 2022
  • winning the pennant for Intermediate women’s 2x at Pairs Head 2022
  • a semi-final in the Aspirational 4x at HWR 2023
  • qualification and 2nd round in the Wargrave Challenge Cup at HRR 2023
  • wins in the 2- and 4+ at Team England trials 2023.

For further details of MAABC athletes selected for international representation please click here.

The squad is a friendly and welcoming environment for all athletes who have had previous experience of the sport (we also run Learn to Row courses from time to time). MAABC has a long history of supporting women’s rowing and the Senior Women’s squad has an impressive fleet of Empachers and Fillipis, from 2- / 2x to 8+, of appropriate size for women to race at the highest level. In fact, it is fair to say that women are the dominant force in the club at the non-masters level.

MAABC has excellent Facilities – high quality boats, a good sized Gym with plenty of ergos and weights, large and comfortable changing rooms with a copious supply of hot water, a welcoming club room and bar (priced for members enjoyment rather than profit) and a good-sized car park. Unlike some clubs, we don’t generally charge athletes for trailering or squad coaching (though some non-squad members choose to pay for coaching privately). Many athletes have their own sculling boats, with indoor & outdoor Private Racks available (at a cost) and there are over 20 club single sculls for members to use. Finally, the water conditions at MAABC and upstream tend to be much better than further down the Tideway.

The squad is coached by James Robson with support from volunteer coaches throughout the season. The training plan is designed to build mileage and boat-moving ability, predominantly in smaller boats in the early season, then building into bigger crews as required for racing.  Many members of the squad spend the winter months in sculling boats (singles or crew boats) to improve boat moving skills. Being situated on the upper reach of the Tideway towards Chiswick and Richmond, we enjoy the best of the Tideway water, and an ideal environment in which to develop technical skills. The coaches are very happy to welcome those new to sculling, and in our experience learning to scull can be very beneficial to your sweep rowing as well. As we approach the spring, most of the squad start to focus more on crew boats, either sweep or sculling, depending on where their strengths and ambitions lie.

The training plan follows a similar structure to most competitive clubs around the country, with double water sessions on weekends, weekday morning sessions for those who can make it, and a mixture of weights, ergs, and cross training throughout the week. Selection for crews is driven by results in training on and off the water. Commitment to the full plan is expected for those looking to race in top crews but the program is flexible enough to make this manageable around work and study commitments.

The women’s squad also organise an annual training camp, usually in late April, to prepare for summer racing. Last year they went to Cerlac for a fantastic week of focused training, plenty of sun, and time together as a team.

The club is very proud of our senior women’s squad and cultivates a welcoming and relaxed but professional environment. We are keen to welcome any new athlete who wants to develop her sculling and/or sweep rowing ability, and who has ambitions to achieve success at the highest club and national level. For recent graduates half-price membership is available from graduation through to the end of the following calendar year. If you are interested in progressing your rowing career with Mortlake, please email or feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram page @maaboatclub.

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