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Safety is a prime consideration for the club. This section of our website is designed to help all club members to be aware of the risks presented by rowing in general and in particular rowing on the tidal stretch of the river Thames.

Being aware of the navigation rules which apply on this stretch of the river is an important part of rowing safely. Please ensure that you understand the rules before going out. You must pass the MAABC Tideway Code Test if you are steering. The test has 50 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 47/50. The test is designed to be “open book”, so you can complete it while referring to the Tideway Code, available on the PLA website at: You may attempt the test as many times as required until you achieve the pass mark.

No-one is allowed to take charge of a Club boat (i.e. cox, steer, single sculler, launch driver) in the boathouse, on the foreshore, or on the river until the Captain (or a club appointed coach) is satisfied that they are competent. The person in charge is legally responsible for the crew and boat, must be familiar with the navigation rules, and must carry out a Risk Assessment before each outing. Coxes must wear a life jacket, use a coxbox and carry a mobile phone.

The Tideway is tidal and the water is not clean. Launching and returning from MAABC must be carried out in the appropriate manner.

Incidents and/or damage should be reported immediately.

As well as the general guidance, specific rules apply for launch drivers, new scullers and rowing in the dark.

For any safety-related questions contact our CRSA: Paul Bruce

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