Reporting Damage to Club Equipment

We are very fortunate to have a great fleet of club boats at MAABC. Although accidents can sometimes happen, and boats/blades can get damaged, it is very important that any damage is reported and repaired promptly, so as to ensure that other members are not inconvenienced.

If a club boat/blades are found to be in disrepair / un-river worthy, or a boat / blades are damaged during an outing, the following course of action should be taken:

  1. Record the damage in the “damage to equipment” logbook which is available in the entrance hallway on the first floor of the clubhouse.
  2. If the damage is to shoes / foot plates / seats / heel restraints / washers and does not require any specialist equipment / skills to repair, please look in the beer cellar where spares are kept and make the repair yourself. A new logbook is now available in the beer cellar where you should make a note of any items you have used so we can keep track of stock levels.
  3. If you judge the repair to require specialist equipment or skills please report it to the equipment sub-committee (


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