Hello everyone,

We are all looking forward to the club opening up on Monday 29th March. This message is to remind you of the precautions we all need to take to protect ourselves and each other. They are based on the guidelines of our governing body and then customised to meet our local environment conditions at the club. Please read this right through before you return to the club.

Key points from the latest BR advice (v11.1 dated 25th March):

  • Crew rowing resumes. Coxes must wear PPE in line with BR advice. Coaching permitted.
  • Indoor exercise is not allowed. The gym is closed.
  • Minimum access to club facilities only to allow COVID-Secure boat access. The clubhouse and balcony are closed except to set/unset the alarm, or to access the toilets.
  • The changing rooms may not be used still – except in an emergency (e.g. after capsize) or by disabled users.
  • Hygiene of equipment before and after use must continue to be practiced. Supplies have been topped up and can be found at the back of the blade store.
  • Outdoor club singles are for shared use by members (subject to this hygiene routine). Crews boats need to be booked with the Captain as usual.
  • Rowing competition will start to return starting with smaller, local competitions. Expect larger competitions later. Events are being rescheduled to later dates. Formats may change. Not all info known yet.

Now here is a reminder of the COVID secure processes for MAABC:

  • Stay vigilant and remember the basics – Hands, Space, Face
  • Don’t come to the club if you are feeling unwell.
  • Please turn up in kit and leave straight after your outing, still in your kit.
  • Masks should be worn around the club premises when not actually in the boat – this includes carrying boats and launches to the water.
  • Plan for single outings to minimise hanging about
  • Sign out as usual and continue to note crew boat combinations in the black book provided
  • Boats and any other shared equipment should be cleaned thoroughly before and after use (includes launches).
  • Travel should be minimised generally, but you can travel to exercise and take part in organised sport.
  • The bar, kitchen, club rooms and balcony are all closed.
  • All the other risks assessments and row safe advice still applies. Please check your equipment before boating and take account of conditions.

Many of the outdoor club boats have been repaired and smartened up during lockdown. Please take care of them. Check all boats over before going out. Report any damage in the boat book on the shelf upstairs.

We now have a new gate and padlock to enter the club car park. If you don’t know the code then please do email me for it. Please remember to close and lock the gate: it has been installed to improve security at the club and will be ineffective if it isn’t used!

Last – please remember you have been off the water for a long time now so start slowly like at the start of a season, take care, keep a good lookout, and don’t try to break any records on your first few outings. Any questions or further suggestions, please just come back to me.

Best wishes,


Captain MAABC