Dear Club Member,

Now that the lockdown is being lifted and London is in Tier 2, rowing in all types of boat can restart from the morning of Wednesday 2nd December. This is largely along the lines of how we were before lockdown 2 – with some tightening of indoor/gym usage requirements and additional mask wearing guidance – see below.

Current BR guidelines for Tier Two include the following:

  • All Covid secure club facilities may open
  • Crew boats are allowed
  • Indoor training is allowed subject to Covid protocols
  • Competitions will be allowed

Please note the following key points –

  • NEW club guidance: Masks should be worn indoors at all times except when actually rowing/gym training. This includes access to the boat bays and lifting boats out. Also masks are required when carrying launches to the water and back as you are in close proximity. Please take your masks and any other PPE home for disposal rather than clog up the bins at the club.
  • NEW – Because it has to be said: We want to ensure all club members have understood the risks and the related mitigation measures the club has put in place and that they accept the code of behaviour related to coronavirus (COVID-19). Attendance and use of the club is deemed as acceptance.
  • Squad coached rowing sessions will continue to be limited to single sessions because there is nowhere at the club to spend time between outings without breaking the rules. It is strongly recommended that everyone follow this guidance.
  • Please ensure you sign out for each outing (even if coached) and also sign the additional black book if in a crew boat. We are required to record who rowed with whom in non-household crew boats.
  • Strength and conditioning and squad ergo sessions will start again under the same guidance as previously, i.e. when coached there can be a maximum of 6 coached per session on weights; max 6 coached on ergos. The remaining 6 ergos will be upstairs in the club rooms and may be also be booked out. Others can book outside these times or take up any free slots but must train on their own. Social distancing and hygiene must be maintained by everyone at all times. Masks should be worn when not actually exercising. The booking tool links will be sent round shortly (with instructions) along with planned squad times for everybody’s information and planning. * See note below for further definition.
  • All equipment (boats, blades, launches and gym equipment) must be cleaned down before and after use. Stocks of hand sanitiser and cleaning products have been replenished and distributed around all training stations and rubbish has been cleared and bin bags replaced. Notices have been repositioned for easy viewing and as reminders.
  • Changing rooms remain out of bounds except for those with registered disabilities who must then wear masks. You may put valuables in the beer store/tool room which has been tidied up. You should arrive and leave in kit. The showers and changing rooms may only be used in case of emergency. Toilet access is permitted.
  • The balcony may be used for groups of up to six, providing social distancing is observed. Crews should be conscious of the Government’s new restrictions on group sizes when not taking part in rowing activity – e.g. a crew of eight/nine should not socialise as a single group after the outing having brought provisions with them. So please limit the amount of time spent hanging around in groups of any size.
  • The bar and kitchen remain closed as we cannot support table service and the provision of substantial meals in our set-up.
  • The club is located in a Tier 2 area. Travelling from Tier 3 is not permitted unless it is for work – hence Valentin will be able to travel to the club to conduct coaching sessions.

Not COVID related, but seasonal messaging. Just a reminder that good quality lights are required on your boat if you are going on the water before sunrise – currently about 07:45 – and these may even be needed later than this if you are boating in dreary conditions. The opposite applies in the afternoon as sunset is currently around 15:55 and lights may be needed earlier than this.

We are fortunate that the government is looking favourably on sport in general – and that this includes rowing – and that we are able to get back on the river or to our training in the gym in some form. But to meet all the guidance and rules we are effectively saying that members need to turn up (in kit), go rowing, and then go home (in kit) with very limited or no socialising until such time as restrictions are further lifted.

Best wishes to everyone. I really hope you and your loved ones are all safe. Roll on 2021.


Captain for and on behalf of the Committee, MAABC

* In rowing, BR advice remains that participants taking part in any indoor training should always maintain a distance of at least two metres, meaning that no mixing of households should take place. This means in both Medium Risk and High Risk (Tier 1 and Tier 2) areas – indoor training can continue at these levels in line with the guidance above. In Very-High Risk areas, individual training (as you would train in a commercial gym) is permitted but no group activities should be organised. At all tiers, social distancing should be maintained and the maximum capacity of the facility should not be exceeded.