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The Men’s Masters racing group is mostly made up of Masters D-I age groups, but we have a number of younger Masters and welcome Masters of all ages. The racing group trains regularly throughout the year, normally rowing at 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and rowing (Summer) or erging (Winter) at 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Some crews or singles find it more convenient to go out at other times, for instance, 10am Tuesday and Thursday (the same time as the Mixed Recreational Group), or 7am Tuesday and Friday. Others find ergos inconvenient whatever time they are planned for.

The squad mainly races in 4x and 2x in the pre-Christmas head races, 8+ and 4x in the post -Christmas head races, and any and all boat types in a selection of local, national and international regattas in the summer, including the three regattas on our home stretch – Barnes and Mortlake, Bourne, and Chiswick (these do not involve rigging and trailering, which some find taxing). Nothing is compulsory – some members race at every opportunity, others may only race occasionally, others may aspire to race when the circumstances are right.

Race crews sometimes participate in the coaching program of our Senior Women’s group, while some other Masters arrange paid coaching at a time and frequency that suits them.

We have attracted a number of new members recently from other nearby clubs as they have realised the benefits of a club with excellent facilities, a great fleet of boats and a friendly and inclusive environment. Some of our Masters members have rowed all their lives, others returned to rowing after getting distracted with work, marriage and children, while others came to the sport later in life after a Learn to Row course. If you would like to know more, contact the Captain ( If you would like to Join, go here.

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