Launching a Boat from MAABC & Returning

The cox or steerer (i.e. you if you are single sculling!) must know which way to boat from the beach in front of the boathouse (and which way to return).

Trying to boat or land the wrong way round causes confusion and congestion on the beach, and also makes the act of pushing off or returning more difficult because the stream is trying to push you in the opposite direction to which you are trying to go (i.e. back onto the beach or away from it). This can increase the risk of “grounding” the boat, which should be avoided!

The correct way to boat/land will depend on whether the tide is coming in or flowing out – so take a moment to check before setting out.

Boating/Landing when the Tide is Coming in

MAABC circulation pattern: tide coming in (click to enlarge)

When boating leave the club by following the Middlesex bank under Chiswick bridge to join the inshore zone (which will be on the Middlesex bank below the Ship crossing point), or spin straight away and follow the starboard side (cox’s right, steerer’s left) of the fairway.

On returning to the club, if you are approaching from upstream cross at the crane and follow the Middlesex bank to the club. If you are approaching from downstream, come through Chiswick Bridge and spin after the club.

Boating/Landing when the Tide is Flowing Out

MAABC circulation pattern: tide flowing out (click to enlarge)

When boating leave the club by crossing immediately to the Surrey inshore zone to go upstream, or spinning directly to the Surrey side of the fairway to go downstream.

On returning to the club, if you are approaching from upstream on the Surrey side of the fairway, spin either in front of the club (giving way to traffic coming through Chiswick Bridge) or continue through the bridge and spin after Tideway Scullers, then come back through the bridge.


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