All MAABC members who wish to race for the club are required to wear club kit under the rules of racing.

MAABC club race kit means a comfortable combination of the following:

  • Club all-in-one (black with red/white side stripes)
  • Club leggings (black with red/white side stripes)
  • Club technical top (white with a red shoulder stripe)
  • Club technical top (black with white sleeves and a red shoulder stripe)
  • Plain black leggings
  • Plain white t-shirt

Please note that some regattas specifically require that all crew members wear matching kit, and enforce this strictly (including wearing of caps!) so do make sure you check before you race!

If you can’t afford to buy a full set of kit in one go, we recommend that you start off with the all-in-one – some members are also willing to loan MAABC kit to new members for racing as long as you return it!

Please also bear in mind that on race days (whether at MAABC or external regattas) it is also polite to other club members not to wear a splashtop or other kit obviously from another club. Be proud to wear your MAABC colours!

Alice Poole ( is currently in charge of our club kit. Orders are placed at regular intervals throughout the year, but please speak to Alice if you urgently need a new all-in-one or any other kit for racing as we sometimes have spares available.

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