Key Navigation Rules & Crossing Points when Boating from MAABC

Key Navigation Rules

When proceeding with the tide, keep to the starboard side of the fairway – this is the cox’s right or the steerer’s left of the centre of the river.

When proceeding against the tide:

  • between the Syon Crossing and the Chiswick Bridge Crossing, keep as close as is practicable to the Surrey shore
  • between the Chiswick Bridge Crossing and the Chiswick Steps Crossing, keep as close as is practicable to the Middlesex shore
  • between the Chiswick Steps Crossing and the Putney Crossing, keep as close as is practicable to the Surrey shore

Crossing Points

The key crossing points which you must be aware of are as follows:

  • Syon Crossing: opposite the Isleworth Ferry Gate (approximately 200 metres upstream of the PLA driftwood moorings). This is marked by the numbers 13-15 of the UH bumping stations.
  • Chiswick Bridge Crossing: opposite “The Ship” pub (approximately 200 metres downstream of Chiswick Bridge).
  • Chiswick Steps Crossing: 200 metres upstream of Chiswick Pier.
  • Putney Crossing: by Bishop’s Park steps approximately 100 metres upstream of Putney Road Bridge.

These are indicated on the following diagram (click to enlarge):


The crew crossing the river must give way to other craft, cross the river quickly (full crew rowing at full slide) and as close to 90 degrees as possible.

Each of the crossing points is marked by green/red buoys (marking the start and beginning of the crossing area). When proceeding against the tide, you must take a good look before proceeding to cross the river – remember that it can be difficult to accurately gauge the speed of an approaching crew, so if in any doubt, wait for them to pass before crossing.

You must not stop in a crossing zone – unless it is to check whether it is safe to cross, or to wait for an approaching crew to pass. Stopping for a crew chat or to take a drink / top off,  is strictly prohibited in these areas.


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