Guidance for Launch Drivers

It is recommended that all launch drivers take the RYA level 2 powerboating course. Please speak to the club’s safety advisor ( for further information.


The primary responsibility of any launch driver accompanying a crew during an outing is the safety and well being of the crew and other crews on the river. The launch driver/coach should ensure that the steersperson is well briefed on any potential danger and the navigation rules.

The launch driver is also responsible for checking the equipment before boating. This includes the Safety Kit, lifejackets for all crew members, a megaphone and a mobile telephone. A kill cord must always be attached to the driver – this is for your own safety as well as the safety of others in the event that you are thrown overboard.

Remember: sticking to the navigation rules is more important than completing a piece, or concentrating on a technical exercise: both of these things can be achieved while complying with the rules.


It is the launch driver’s responsibility to ensure they have sufficient petrol for the outing and that the engine is in full working order.
Petrol must not be left in the launches in the boathouse. After an outing, petrol tanks must always be returned to the padlocked store on the far side of the lawn. The club’s insurance for fire damage will not be valid if petrol is stored inside – please protect the fleet!


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