The senior girls went north on Saturday to enjoy the tranquil waters of the River Nene at Peterborough. Flat tyres on the trailer and a truck reluctant to start made for some challenges for James – thank you Kevin and Paul for helping out here – and who had a 14 hour day out from the club.

Luckily the results made the trip worthwhile.

Division one over the shorter course saw Barbara and Victoria racing in Women’s Masters and Women’s Band 2 1x respectively and Katy B and Jen in Women’s 2x – but for time only as the sole crew in Band 1. Barbara won her division of four scullers very comfortably (and beat all the senior women’s 1x) and Victoria (still very new to sculling) came 3rd out of 6 in hers. And Jen and Katy were over a minute faster than the winning Band 2 2x and would have been second in Open 2x vs the men.

Several hours later a 4- of Sophie, Katie R, Jen and Katy B and a 4x of Fran, Ellie, Victoria and Mina were back out to race in division three over the long course. The 4- had only one other crew in their class – but which they won by nearly 2 minutes and were faster than all the women’s 8s. The newly formed 4x came a very creditable 3rd out of 6 crews in their class.

Well done everyone!

Next up for the club is Molesey Veterans Head this coming Saturday and a women’s D4x of Anna, Kat, Jo and Nicky, Good luck!