Thank you for the profuse outpouring of congratulatory presents of champagne and flowers which doubtless are in transit after the magnificent win at Twickenham Regatta on Saturday.  Seriously please do not spend too much –  but again if you want to be in contention for athlete of the year you know what to do!


Turning to matters which are much closer to my heart we have had two weekends of racing which is marvellous – what is most encouraging is the massive steps forward which we as a club are making.  Gosh the only thing I was a little concerned about on Saturday at Twickenham was the amount of noise we were making on the bank helping the club racers and QBC down the course. Thank you to Merv, Geoff, Ben, Alice,Gary, Duncs, Will, Rob C, Paul Blanchard and Luke for doing trailering, supporting, encouraging us all we so appreciate it.


So to the results.


Weybridge Ladies Regatta

Wins for

Jo Brown and Kate Kelsey winning by 3 L to get their WN 2x a fabulous result

W Mas C 4x – Chrissie, Jo G, Caroline and Anna over Walton RC

W Mas C 2x  – Chrissie and Kat R

WIM2 1x  and W Mas B/C 1x Indiajane beating TSS and racing as W Mas C beating Guildford.



Twickenham Winners

We had the following successes:

W IM2 4+ with Tamsyn coxing (amazing – have you thought about F1 Racing Tamsyn?- I thought that the Monaco Grand Prix resembled the chicanes at Twickers ) Kat B, Katie, Amy and Jade – this was a superb team effort and what was particularly impressive was the standard of the bladework from the girls – well done !

W IM2 2x Deborah and Lorna – very elegant Ladies

W IM3 2x Kat and Katie – looking very good at the finish

W IM2 1x Deborah who beat a very powerful and impressive athlete from Reading

W Mas D 4x – Nailbiting in several respects but as I am the Captain and therefore impartial it was a race that played to the crowd  –  who noticed my sun tan? – Julie, Gabriella, Me and Hilary.

Mas G 1x Geoff Potts our latest and only, internet sensation, Geoff took to the Twickers race course after 20 years and is now viral on Instagram complete with his very own hashtag (what is that folks?) as gentleman of rowing he currently has 40 likes (Geoff – you and Kim Kharshadian hmmm where are the photographs of you in your kit?) On the other hand ….

W Mas C 1x Indiajane again storming to a powerful win – IJ you may wish to consider building a new trophy cabinet for the silver ware you are amassing.


I am going to mention Sophie and Natalie who got through their finals goodness its tough Congrats ladies you have so much energy it exhausts me.


Thank you very much to Coaches Merv & Geoff, and Luke for driving the trailer – your support is invaluable.


We are now getting to the heat of the summer season albeit with rain and hurricane like conditions –  just can everyone be careful on equipment and give those unsung heroes who help loading boats and offering support please give them one hundred per cent respect.  These people are volunteers and we need them – please say thank you and offer to help when you can. Please remain focussed listen to the coaches and we are all behind everyone supporting our club.


See you at the Club.