Club Boats

We have a fantastic fleet of club boats at MAABC, from singles through to eights, catering for the varying weights and abilities of all members.  We have five bays of boats inside the club house and further boats stored on outside racks at the back and side of the club.

In brief, and starting with the smallest, we have a fleet of Club-owned single sculls, suitable for beginners through to racers. Next we have a selection of double sculls and pairs, some “restricted” for absolute beginners. A unique boat in our fleet is a fine triple scull, built to order and put to good use as a training scull.

Coming to fours, we have a wide selection of coxed, coxless, sweep-oar and sculls. These are also in different weights for differing crews. And last, but not least, we have a range of eights suitable for men’s crews, women’s crews, and novice crews.

Restrictions on Use of Certain Boats

Blue circle = Men only
Pink circle = Women only
Green circle = Club boat for general use
Red circle = Restricted use: please consult the captain

The club has a good selection of Green Circle boats and there is currently no booking system needed and no requirement for coaches to accompany outings (subject to the steer having passed the MAABC Tideway Code Test and being signed off by the Captain – see Safety and Navigation page for details).

If you are unsure whether you are permitted to use a particular boat, please check with the captain before you take it on the water.

Please also remember that privately owned boats and equipment are not to be used by anyone other than the owner, under any circumstances, without the prior agreement of the owner.

Racking of Club Boats

Club boats must always be washed after an outing and returned to the rack they came from. Please take care when taking boats in and out of the boat bays – and ask for help if you need it!

Boats racked outside must be firmly tied to the racks using a proper boat tie with a metal ‘cam’ buckle (not just old rope). The boat must not move on the rack once it is tied down.

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