Good morning and congratulations to all who are making the early morning training sessions organised by Merv, Kat B and Geoff.  I am there in spirit with you and when the sun comes up a bit earlier I will be there maybe…!  Another very busy weekend for Mortlake both in terms of club members and preparation for the Veterans Head we have several visiting crews and overseas visitors so please endeavour to make them extremely welcome.  This race is extremely competitive and good luck to all – thanks to the help of launch drivers etc.


Please take care of equipment – a cox box has gone missing from the Head last week which has probably been misplaced but equipment is very expensive.


Last Friday saw Club Members and Cambridge University come together with Dick Pryce-Jones’ family to honour him and see the unveiling of the gorgeous bench – the Sun was shining and as the photos demonstrate – it was by all accounts a perfect way to spend some time reflecting with Mrs Pryce-Jones and Jane.  There was a toast to Dick and some words spoken by his friends.  We are very fortunate to have the bench on the balcony so we will always remember him whilst appreciating the stunning venue.


It interesting on these occasions to really get to know the history of our club – we certainly should be immensely proud of our members.


As we all know we are running up to the Boat Race so it is with great interest (and pride) that Mr. John Fisher took time to let us know that his youngest son Charles will be rowing at No. 3 for Cambridge (St John’s College – History).  Dick P-J gave tireless support to Charles both on thinking about applying for Cambridge and encouraging him to try for CUBC DP-J will be wishing him on from afar.  Charles was taught to row by Roy Lendrum at MAABC in a triple – Roy put in selfless long hours teaching rowing – a tradition which is carried on by our current and past coaching teams.  Mr Fisher has asked that in memory of Dick that I mention to you all the part that Dick and Roy have played in helping Charles achieve this amazing standard.  The very best of luck on Sunday March 27th we will be checking out the technique to ensure it is up to DP-J and Roy’s standards.


It is a tribute to both of them and testament that the work that Roy did in his coaching that is much appreciated. I am sure you will find this story very inspirational and is an example of how valued I and the rest of the club feel towards the coaching staff, if you listen and learn from them you truly can achieve your goals as this example shows.




DPJ bench DPJ and JPJ