Afternoon all ’ hope you all enjoyed the terrific weather on Saturday – just as an fyi this time last year when we held Borne Regatta at Mortlake we had to anchor our gazebo down with weights to stop it flying off the balcony – so it was so enjoyable to have the regatta bathed in sunshine for a change. I would like to thank Nina and her team for a fabulous regatta WOW such a lot of work from unsung heroes! Thank you.  The Club has had such a lot of activity that I can hardly keep track of it all.  Since I last wrote we have had racing at Chiswick Regatta, Borne Regatta, Wallingford Regatta and a very well attended training camp in the gorgeous Temple Sur Lot.  Please bear with me in disseminating a lot of info but I think its worth highlighting.


Chiswick Regatta (Coach M Lee/Captain commentary!)


WIM3 2x Spoiler Alert WIN !


Jade/Kat – after a comfortable confident heat win they faced a double from London RC in the final who off the start into the wind took an early lead but Jade and Kat settled and by halfway had drawn level and went on to win by 3 lengths. One has to feel for that poor ol’ London 2x


WNov 2x


Zoe/Katie –  lost to St Georges College the eventual winners, but gained invaluable experience in starts and coping with conditions.

Natalie/Sophie – in their heat they had a great race against Emanuel school winning by half a length. In the final it was on the flood tide and against the wind which proved difficult but they challenged all the way only losing out by 1 length to St Georges College. Go Girls for the next race!


WNov 1x  WIN! – Amy in her heat produced confident performance beating a very capable sculler from Westminster School. In the final with wind against tide dealt with the conditions much better and moved away from the BBL sculler winning easily.


Borne Regatta.


WN4+ WIN! Amy, Jade, Katie, Kat and Tamsyn. In a three abreast straight final BBL were dropped off the start, Team Keane and MAA competed to halfway when MAA eased out to win by 3 lengths.  This is a particularly pleasing win in that it took great team work from all involved to move a large boat.  Tamsyn steered a great course which was most appreciated.


WIM3 2x – Jade/Katie in a straight final led BBL to the far end of UL boathouse by 1 length, unfortunately wound down thinking it was the finish which in reality was the Petrol Pumps so were disqualified for not completing the course – lesson learned. Captain’s Note those petrol pumps are well ugly don’t blame you a bit for stopping.


WIM3 1xWIN!  – Amy beat a Thames sculler comfortably in her heat. In the final met a sculler from St Pauls Girls School who had a row over in her heat. Both scullers were set off heading to Middlesex Amy being further chased over by the St Pauls sculler, when they got back onto station Amy was a length down at halfway then coolly switched on the after burners and went on to win by 1 length. Message from Captain to Merv – How do you coolly switch on burners ? did you do that English test that was on the internet?


G 4x WIN (despite Mr Roberts  Esq flying off his seat – novel approach maybe try sitting on the seat next time, alternatively we are always short of seats so if you do not need yours let me know.)


WB 1X WIN ,  – Indiana Jane or known at MAABC as IJ


W E/F 1X WIN , – Lynda Elms fabulous win Lynda!



WNov 2x – Natalie/Sophie after a restart due to river traffic had a hard race to beat Ardingly by 11/2 lengths, in the final lost to a very strong double from St Pauls Girls School.

Other club competitors were Louise Pattinson, Alice Poole, Rob Carpenter, David Tatton, Nicola Eager, Alison Love, Dan Charles, Lucas – all who put themselves on the line for the club



Wallingford Regatta.


Lorna and Pam lined up in straight 7 lane final of Womens Club 1x. Pam had the better start and was in contention with the two leaders at 500m , Lorna who had not raced her single for a few years had a more conservative start but by  the 1000m mark drew level with Pam, the two leaders comfortably ahead, Lorna and Pam challenged for third place with Lorna beating Pam by some 8 seconds. Good marker for both. Well done for entering that testing event.


Coach Merv and Alice Jenkinson supervised an erg test last night (Monday ) where 5 out 7  of the girl’s did PB’s so are well positioned to continue on their goals over the next 4 weeks – please can all members encourage our competing athletes as they are showing great commitment both personally and to our Club. Kevin Mc and Peter Lawson you are shown as not turning up despite my invitation.-. If anyone else wants to do erg tests I will send round the dates for next one (less than 4 weeks away)



Turning to the training camp we had a very successful trip for the first time to Temple Sur Lot, I very much hope everyone enjoyed this stunning part of France and felt that they progressed. I will perhaps ask some members to do a write up with photos thank you to Paul B, Geoff P, Ben Papworth and all those who helped organise it was most appreciated. More to follow


Can I lastly wish Ken Williams our esteemed friend and stalwart Safety officer best wishes for a speedy recovery after a serious cycling accident in Majorca – we are all thinking of you Ken and all the best we are looking forward to welcoming you home.


See you at the Club