Fellow Members,

When I went to the Club on Saturday morning I looked out at the Thames and thought not a cat in Hell’s chance of seeing our marvellous girls finally showing what they are capable of – here is a secret I even booked to see James Bond film in the afternoon so convinced of my judgement that the race would be cancelled (members may wish to note)
So when I watched the crews take off in the most inclement conditions my jaw hit the deck !! I was worried …. But how wrong I was what a fabulous result for our WIMI 4 – (Beks, Lorna, Emily, Annabelle) they went and won in sheer style.  We are all so proud of you and Coach George who prepared the crew to win.  Well done.  I would also like to mention in glowing terms our WIMI 4X seriously a very packed out event and I gather from the coaching staff that they did exceptionally well and now (unfortunately) the whole club knows that they can scull in any condition and go pretty speedily. I for one will not be challenging them to a race.
Sunday saw The Veterans Head, this has become a very serious event …  again massive success for MAABC demonstrating that we are very determined to compete to win.  I was so pleased to see a crew put together from different coaching teams – Kat R, Anna R, IJ, and Pam coached by Gary Lovejoy flew down the course as if they had something else on- and won WVet B by some 10 secs and the second fastest womens crew.  In a very very tight race Joy and Lisa in a composite crew won WVetD 4X – Joy emails me regularly to hear of all your news and she is very much part of the MAABC family.  Fran also won in a quad rowing for some club called Leander but we know Fran you are Mortlake.  Not to be left of the winners podium we had an excellent win in WIMI 4 Caroline, Julie, Jess and Jo showing that we can excel at sweep and sculling. These girls really have laid down some great races lately its all scary stuff. I take my hat off to you all.
Turning to our men we had two quad E and G bot of whom are including new members and who out performed keep up the great work.  All members need to include this particular group who strive away sometimes in the background.
Thanks should go to launch drivers who helped make the events work.
Noel put on a great show for the fireworks and we had a great club night.  Thanks Noel. What a fab weekend.  Keep supporting the club and the superb efforts that you are all putting in.  Phew I am shattered just writing about you all.



fours head