Dear All

Congratulations to everyone who attempted the Pairs Head on Saturday
October 10th.  As always the event goes from strength to strength it
gives the athletes an opportunity to show how training is progressing
and to learn vital skills such as steering.  The Thames will always
throw a challenge and racing is a great way to master the wily ways of
stream and river.   Over the coming year I want to share with you all
results to demonstrate how our coaches are creating platform for our
crews to perform to the best of their abilities and for us to ensure
we are getting the correct combination of crew selection.

Looking to next week can we wish our Head of The Charles crew all the
very best of luck in Boston.  Several members have noted the
dedication to regular outings which will definitely pay off and thank
you to Julie Dickson who has used networks in America to ensure all
the admin is in place to ensure fantastic experience.  Again it is in
the preparation that can make the racing experience go well. Boats,
travel all can be difficult to organise.

There are three athletes who I wish to mention in person who I have
been delighted to see achieve some very personal goals this week:-

Renee who is coached by Gary Lovejoy was challenged to do a 5 k ergo
piece rate capped at 24, Renee has seriously put a great score of
19.10  which for maths geeks is an average of 1.55 per 500 meters.. It
makes me feel exhausted to even think about it.  Great work Renee,
other members please let me know of your success with ergs and I will
post it up.

Secondly I would like to introduce you to Jade and Amy who entered the
pairs head straight into  WIM3 2X bypassing Novice which does not
exist in their minds  Coached by Nick and George they stormed in 9th
(over 30 entries) taking no notice of the head winds and other
experienced crews.  These two girls are always in the Gym and both
George and Nick whilst they may not admit it see how dedicated these
girls are.  Well Done

Lastly  we head to Weybridge Silver Sculls thank you  Luke for
trailering and umpiring. Pam is representing us at Brit Champs and we
wish her well for that with her doubles partner.

Results for Pairs Head

MAA Pairs Head Results 10th October 2015

Crew Finish    Time    Event   Name

197    15.48   WIM2X  Walters/Headingly   (3)

217    15.54   El WLWT Delvalle/Johnston    (3)

222    15.56   WMas B  Rolfsman/Ramsden (2)

227    15.58   Mas F   Carpenter/Almand  (2)

245    16.03   WMas B Jeffery/Bowden (3)

307    16.29   Mas D  Roberts/George

327     16.37   WIM3  Hudson/Robertson

347    16.45   WMas D  Skipper/Kallal (Winner)

456    18.29   WMas C Brown/Zikovic

461    18.51   WIM3  Thomas/Monger

465    19.18   WMas F/G Pattinson/Poole

466    19.23   WMas D Sothwick/Connolly