Another week has flown by with lots of activity from MAA members.   We had a good representation at Weybridge Silver Sculls, I myself even braved it – I raced a girl who was just 12 and it was rather embarrassing to have to tell her that she was not even born when I first did the Sculls event.  She then cemented the humiliation by sculling brilliantly and rowing over my head more or less.  She was utterly excellent.  It may be worth noting that the fastest girl was a J17 showing the depth of junior rowing in the UK.  All the clubs had lots of entrants and I look forward to the day when MAA shows up in droves.

Of much more importance was that our very own Deborah Mallinson walked off with the Houghton Trophy (well she would have if the incumbent had returned it) Do not worry Deborah we can re present it to you when it is located.   Kat and Anna came a very close 2nd in the W2X division and also competed in the singles event very competitively. Louise and Alice also raced with Lynda Elms again taking to the race course in the first division.    Can I encourage MAA members compete in as many heads upriver as they are great fun, great preparation and a way to learn about racing and giving the club the profile it needs.  Pam and Jackie from Star Club went to the Brit Championships and came third in the lightweight doubles.  Again huge congratulations to making such a big effort. Again the cream of British rowing showed up so well done to Gary for preparing the double for this competition.  Great to see how the coaches chatted about all their events on Sunday, and will lead to interaction of ideas

Turning to our international representation the Head of the Charles Crews represented MAA over what is a demanding course, I am looking forward to hearing all about this wonderful event. The girls will have had a tough course in that they did start at the back of the pack and overall it was a credible result and I am sure they had a great time.  Hilary Cook came 8th out of 39 in the mixed event and she even found time to cox our friends from TSS and she said she had a superb time.

May I introduce Geoff Potts to MAA, Geoff is an extremely accomplished sculler and has coached several athletes over the years.  He is keen to help scullers achieve to their full potential and often coaches from the single which offers athletes a unique perspective and he has offered to help on the second outings on Saturday and Sunday – I for one will be taking full advantage of this – poor Geoff you may all cry, he has already said that some people can achieve so much more by having the confidence to work just a bit harder – looking directly at me – take your point Geoff.

As we head to the end of the year can I gently focus minds on the Scullers Head, whilst this is a tough event it is on our water  and we will be encouraging scullers to enter.  We will be running some club charges to get us all in the mood  and offering assistance to those wishing to train for this event.

Hopefully we will see everyone at the AGM.