Another update re what club members have been up to.  One group went
off to Henley which is now a huge event, But before I go into detail I
want to apologise to Katarina Rolfsman who triumphed in Weybridge
Sculls in the Womens Vet C event and I forgot to let you all know
sorry and well done Kat.  To underline her domination of the event she
won at Henley in the same event.  Deborah Mallinson also put down an
extremely fast time – she managed to create a small drama by snapping
her sculling blade in half-iterally on the water Blades replaced she
then put in two great runs and a clutch of medals.

The Henley course looked absolutely fabulous in the Autumn colours –
again a very well organised head.  It may surprise everyone that this
event takes 70 volunteers to ensure success – I point this out to
remind us of the massive work running these events and the enormous
input from unsung heroes who enable us to participate and ensure that
the heads are able to run. Both Nick Tittle and Luke Howells spent all
Saturday at Kingston in umpiring and safety roles again thank you for

The other event held this weekend was Kingston Small Boats – a large
turnout from MAABC members, this course is long and challenging so
massive congratulations to all who took part, Caroline Bell-Sayer flew
down the course, clearly looking to get back in a very fast time to
get back for the Rugby.  She has a new boat which I think has an
engine in it.  She entered the younger events but had she entered Vet
A,B or C she would have won all events.  Gary Lovejoy’s group and the
Mens Vets also challenged themselves over the course.  Fantastic
training for the Scullers head

With lots of heads on this left the Tideway clear at least on Saturday
for some preparation for the fours head this weekend.  George has told
me it was luxury to have the river to themselves and fine tune for
Saturday.  Sunday as you all know was total white out Fog – coaches
were forced to continue training in the gym – frustrating but safe.
Good luck to everyone racing at the Weekend.

Can I give a shout out to Geoff Potts who is racing in Turin next
weekend, in some very long sculling event over 11km course.  Good luck
Geoff stock up on pasta.

Finally (thank goodness I hear you say) its bonfire night on Saturday
at MAABC hopefully we will have a big turnout and some fun. Thank you

Lastly on behalf of Beks and myself thank you to Tim Burrows for
assisting in blade painting – I know this has been a godsend.

Have a good week training.