Borne@Chiswick Bridge Regatta

Racing takes place over 1000m from a free start between Chiswick Bridge and Kew Rail Bridge.


The draw is now available at Please note that the stations shown in the draw are not correct, and the order should be Surrey, Centre (at high tide only) and Middlesex and not Surrey, Middlesex, Centre.

Regatta documentation (all links open in a new tab)

Competitors instructions

Safety plan

Circulation pattern: ebb and flood

Accident and emergency plan

Risk assessment

Welfare plan


All boats must be provided by competitors and clubs are responsible for the safety of their members and equipment. Neither MAABC nor Borne @ Chiswick Bridge Regatta will accept liability.


You will be able to bring trailers onsite, but vehicles must be parked offsite or in the adjoining (paid) carpark. Please notify Katy Baldwin at if you are intending to bring a trailer, your ETA and a contact phone number, or if you require access to drop off a small boat.

The parking next to the regatta site charge and is policed by ANPR cameras, so any vehicles will automatically incur a charge from the car park operators. Access to this carpark is no longer along Ibis Lane. Instead you should drive through the gate on Hartington Road marked ‘River Gate’, which is about 50 metres from the junction with the A316. Access to MAA (to drop off trailers) continues to be along Ibis Lane. People coming to collect crew numbers or to have coxes weighed should note that there is no parking charge for vehicles that arrive and leave within 15 minutes.

There is free parking in the local streets for vehicles but please be aware that, as last year, non-local vehicles are not allowed to go northwards over the mini-roundabout at the junction of Hartington Road and Cavendish Road (arrowed on the streetmap). Driving southwards over the mini-roundabout is allowed. However, in a change from last year, access to Staveley Road and Burlington Lane is now restricted. If you want to park in Cavendish Road or the roads leading off it you must go northwards up the A316 to the Hogarth Roundabout, west along the A4, left into Sutton Court Road and then via Grove Park Bridge. Don’t park in Ibis Lane, which is a private road.

Please ensure that all your crews are aware of the parking arrangements.


Entries enquiries to the Entries Secretary, Louise Pattison (

Further information is available via the regatta’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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