Barnes & Mortlake Regatta

The 2022 Barnes & Mortlake Regatta will be run on Saturday 11th June.

BROE is now open for entries and the event poster may be viewed here.

Current state of entry (updated 1300 17/05/2022)

EventNo of entriesExtra info
Op 8+2
Op J18 8+2
Op J17 8+1
Op J15 8+2
Op J14 8x+2
Op J17 4+2
Op J15 4+2
Op 4-1
Op MasB 4-1
Op MasF 4-1
Op J18 4-1
Op J15 4x+3
Op J14 4x+5
Op MasB 4x-1
Op MasC 4x-1
Op MasD 4x-1
Op MasE 4x-1
Op J17 4x-2
Op J18 2-1
Op J16 2-1
Op 2x1
Op MasB 2x1
Op J15 2x8
Op J14 2x2
Op 1x1
Op MasF 1x1
Op J16 1x1
Op J15 1x12
Op J14 1x1
W J15 8+1
W J14 8x+4
W J17 4+1
W J16 4+1
W J15 4+3
W MasC 4-1
W MasD 4-1
W J15 4x+5
W J14 4x+2
W MasC 4x-1
W MasF 4x-1
W J18 4x-1
W J16 4x-2
W 2-1
W J18 2-1
W MasG 2x1
W J18 2x2
W J17 2x2
W J16 2x2
W J15 2x5
W MasB 1x1
W MasD 1x1
W J17 1x1
W J16 1x2
W J15 1x6
Op MasA 2x1Masters Beginners

If the regatta is over-subscribed what process will be used to decide which entries to accept and which to reject?

We recognise that there are only so many hours in the day that people want to go racing, and also to volunteer to support and run the regatta. In the event of the regatta being oversubscribed we will reduce the number of entries down to a number that will produce the quantity of races that will fit into this time frame. Our priority order for choosing what to accept and what to reject will be as follows:

  1. Reject entries in events that only have one or two entries.
  2. Reject entries in events that only have three entries.
  3. Reject entries from single scullers that have doubled-up into crew boats (where the crew boat is still in a viable event).
  4. Progressively reject events that have four entries starting with the smallest boat class, ie reject 1x, then 2x/- etc, as our aim is to try and give as many people as possible an opportunity to race.

Previous years’ results:

2021: the regatta was run as a combined event with Borne at Chiswick Bridge Regatta

2020: the regatta did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.







2013 (missing – sorry)