Borne/Barnes & Mortlake Regatta Parking Arrangements

Sunday 25th July – Parking instructions please read carefully

Parking on site will only be for trailers and towing vehicles that have been notified to us in advance and for officials’ cars.

Parking Marshals will be on-site on regatta day, please follow their advice/instructions.

All other vehicles should park in Hartington Road and the surrounding streets, where there is free parking.

Please note that there are new local access restrictions: non-local vehicles must not go northwards over the mini-roundabout at the junction of Hartington Road and Cavendish Road, ie do not turn left when exiting Ibis Lane unless you are driving a registered local vehicle. Driving southwards over this mini-roundabout is allowed.

If you want to park in Cavendish Road you must go northwards up the A316, left into Staveley Road and then via Burlington Lane and Grove Park Bridge (see annotated map below and please click on it for a larger version (opens in new window)). Please do not park in Ibis Lane (the lane leading from Hartington Road to the boathouse). Ibis Lane is a private road and anything parked there may be clamped.

Visiting clubs will be contacted once the draw is published, to confirm arrangements for trailer parking.

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