Apply for Membership

If you are a potential new member (active rowers not beginners), you will need to fill out a New Member Application Form before going out on the water (or using any of the gym equipment). This form should then be put on the Secretary’s noticeboard just inside the main upstairs entrance to the clubhouse.

The form includes a declaration that you are healthy and can swim 50m, which you must sign to be covered by our insurance. If you are using club equipment without signing this form, you are probably not insured!

Signing and submitting this form does not commit you to paying membership fees. Potential members are very welcome to trial any activities for a month without any obligation or cost.

If after a month you wish to become a full member, you will need to convert your form into a full membership application. Our membership year runs from January to December – if you join after the end of January you will pay a reduced fee for the rest of the year.

You must be a full member to race for us!

Existing Members

If you are an existing member looking to renew your membership, please go to the membership renewal page – please do not use the new members application form.