2014-10-18 18.33.2712 athletes from MAABC raced at Weybridge Silver Sculls on Saturday 18 October and had a very successful day coming away with 5 wins!

Anna Ramsden and Katarina Rolfsman won WB2x, with Anna also winning WB1x.  Chris Greenhalgh won WC1x.  WD2x was won by Caroline Bell-Syer and Laura Campbell  which was also the fasters women’s double on the day, and to finish it off Caroline also won WD1x!

Pam Delvalle was the fastest sculler from Mortlake and finished the course in 17min 59 sec.

Jo Brown bravely choose this event to race for the first time in a single and overcame her nerves and did brilliantly.

Cat Hart finished 3rd in WIM2, 1x Louise Pattison and Alice Poole finished 3 in WE2x, Lynda Elms finished 3rd in WE1x, Sam Southwick finished 5th in WC2x

A very successful start to the winter head season for the club.

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Putting the pots to good use

Putting the pots to good use