We have been listening to your requests for the payment of subs by monthly instalments. At our Committee meeting last week, we agreed that from January 2017 we will accept monthly payments by bank standing order. If you choose to pay your subscription (and, if appropriate, racking fee and/or locker rental) by this method then the first payment will take place at the end of February and there will be ten monthly payments.

At the AGM it was confirmed that subs for 2017 would remain at £450 (the same as the 2015 level), with a £25 surcharge for payment after Jan 31st. Racking for a single scull will remain at £220, also with a £10 late payment charge. The monthly standing order payment rate for subs will be £48 and for racking will be £23. The facility to pay in four instalments with post-dated cheques will remain.

We hope you will find this change helpful.